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COVID-19 Policy

All vehicles & personnel adhere strictly to current COVID-19 government guidelines & are COVID-19 Safety Compliant

For total vehicle sanitisation, immediately after each client job is completed we useFog-It” technology in all vehicles. A safe clean & highly effective antibacterial, antiviral and sanitisation system. We also provide complimentary  Hand Sanitiser, Antibacterial Wipes and Masks.

Responsible Transport

Murray Chauffeur Services Ltd provide the best responsible transport package. With careful consideration given to individual circumstances. Meeting the needs of our clients and to offer the safest possible service.
If you have any specific requirements related to your booking. Please feel free to contact one of our expert team.
where the utmost care and consideration will be taken for the safety and integrity of our clients and our services at all times

Social Responsibility

We operate and provide our services for the good of our clients, and we continually review our guidelines in view of the latest government information. We have a zero-tolerance approach with regard to our chauffeurs or clients displaying symptoms to protect our clients, chauffeurs and their respective families.

All chauffeurs are provided with full PPE equipment and worn accordingly, given disposable bags and all used PPE from clients and chauffeurs is disposed of after each client.

Our vehicles do not have more than 2 separate groups of clients within a 24 hour period and are suitably chemically cleaned after each guest.

Contact Tracing

to preserve the welfare of our clients, chauffeur and their respective loved ones Murray Chauffeur Services Ltd operate an internal contact tracing programme.

We are fortunate that we have not had to muster into action any of this Data. Be assured if the need for any action required in the future you will be be notified as soon as we are aware. We will contact you immediately. Or an authorised third party, whose details you have provided as a point of contact

Health Reporting and Testing

We at Murray Chauffeur Services receive Daily reports from our staff about themselves and their family’s heath regard this Covid-19 Pandemic. With a zero-tolerance approach to health concerns however small.

Self- isolation procedures would be enacted for anyone affected and contact tracing would be enforced from there on.

We would encourage you to inform our office on +44 207 587 1600 at the earliest opportunity should you personally have any concerns that could affect our chauffeurs or our services.

Alternatively please email us: enquiries@murraychauffeurservices.com